This map is about Alexander the Great

Alexander's father was the Macedonian king Philip II. He was able to significantly expand the territory of Macedonia, and also achieved that all of mainland Greece, except for Sparta, became dependent on Macedonia. He also cooked under Persia, but was killed before he could realize his plans.
Alexander became king in 20 years in 323 BC. e. After the suppression of the rebels Illyrians and Thracians in the north, as well as the Greek city of Thebes, Alexander began his march to the east in 334. He won victory after victory. Three years later, the battle of Gaugamela took place in 331 BC. e. and the Persian Empire ceased to exist. After that, Alexander made a trip to Central Asia and in 326 BC. e. reached India. Then Alexander had to turn back, because the soldiers, tired of the long march, refused to go on.

A year after the end of the campaign, the king died of illness in Babylon, he was 33 years old. After his death, the empire was divided between his commanders.

After the campaigns of Alexander the Great, a new stage began in the history of ancient Greece, as well as the entire Mediterranean. Macedonians spread Greek culture throughout their empire. The era of Hellenism.

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