The idea of ​​the project "Chronocon" is to make a global interactive historical map that covers the whole of human history.

The main problem which has to decide the project - a demonstration of the context of events. Books and articles are typically described in any particular location at a particular time. To find out what happened next, you need to look elsewhere. There will also be visible to the whole picture of the world with the necessary reference information .

Creating a large map is divided into two stages.
The first stage - the stage of the creation of maps covering a relatively small period of time. I made one map now - "Columbus" (the period from 1492 to 1504 years BC). When accumulated enough individual maps, it is assumed the second stage - the union of maps cards into one large.

This time consuming task, and I search for like-minded people.
If you have a desire to join the project, or simply have questions, please contact me at pavel@chronocon.org .