The map is mainly devoted to the events of the civil war in Russia. It also contains the events of the First World War and post-war changes on the world map. Thus, the events of Russian history are shown in the context of world history.

This period is the final part of Russian Empire history and the first stage of Soviet history. At that time, several dozen state entities existed on the territory of the former Russian Empire. The relationships between all participants, as well as external forces, were very complex. Hope this map helps you figure it out.

As a rule, the beginning of the Civil War is considered to be the battles in Petrograd in October 1917, but this interactive map begins from the beginning of 1917 to capture the time between the February and October revolutions. This period is important for understanding further developments.

The main participants in the conflict were the Red Army, the White movement, foreign interventionists, national states that arose on the territory of the former Russian Empire, as well as various green rebels - peasant and Cossack formations.

In addition, this time is a conditional boundary between the New and the Newest periods of history. The world map has changed a lot. 4 empires disappeared - Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman. The First World War (before the Second World War was called the "Great War") had a decisive influence on the further history of the world.

The texts of the map are taken from Wikipedia and therefore are designed in a neutral style. In the future, it will be possible to create versions of this map separately in terms of red and white.

The project is open, if you have a desire to understand world history, you can take part in mapping.